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1411 Duncan Ave

Pittsburgh PA 15237

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About Us

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Large Plain Pizza and Pints

Welcome to Large Plain Pizza and Pints, where delicious pizza meets a commitment to making a difference in our community. Our story is one of passion, family, and a desire to give back.

Our Beginnings

Founded by Paul Powell, Large Plain Pizza and Pints has deep roots in the heart of McCandless, Pennsylvania. In 2008, Paul opened his first pizza shop, and it was a dream fueled by the unwavering support of his late mother, Wendy Powell. She not only provided the encouragement he needed but also extended a helping hand, giving him a loan that set his pizza journey in motion.

With Wendy’s support, Paul launched what was initially known as “Large Plain Pizza” on Babcock Boulevard. Over the years, Paul’s business grew, and he wanted to create a larger and more inviting space for the community. In 2022, he seized the opportunity to purchase the former Luciano’s Pizza property on Duncan Avenue, marking the start of a new chapter for his pizza shop.

A Touching Tribute

Our decision to relocate to Duncan Avenue holds special significance, as it aligns with his heartfelt desire to honor his mother’s memory. To commemorate her birthday, Large Plain Pizza and Pints celebrated its grand opening on July 22, 2022. On this significant day, half of the proceeds were donated to A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting breast cancer research.

Paul’s choice to support cancer research stems from a personal connection, as he lost his mother to breast cancer in 2009. Her support had been pivotal in helping him launch his first pizza shop. Now, by giving back, Paul not only honors his mother’s legacy but also extends a helping hand to those facing similar challenges.

Our Pizza Shop

At Large Plain Pizza and Pints, we offer an array of mouthwatering pizzas, including our signature “black and gold” pizza. This Pittsburgh-themed delight is adorned with cheddar cheese, barbeque sauce, and pulled pork, paying homage to our beloved city.

Our commitment to the local community extends to our menu, which proudly features an assortment of local craft beers. We strive to infuse the Pittsburgh spirit into everything we do, from our black and gold decorations to the sports memorabilia adorning our walls.

Whether you choose to dine in, order for carry-out, or enjoy the convenience of delivery, we want you to feel at home at our new Duncan Avenue location. We take pride in our friendly service and welcoming atmosphere, always striving to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

Join us in savoring delectable pizza, raising a pint to our vibrant community, and supporting a cause close to our hearts. Together, we can make a difference—one slice at a time.

Thank you for choosing Large Plain Pizza and Pints, where every bite is a taste of home, and every visit supports the fight against breast cancer.